Trauma Risk Management for Medical Staff

Dr Mark Stacey (Associate Dean for Innovation, Wales Deanery) and Andy McCann (DNA Definitive) having been showcasing their new Medical Trauma Risk Management (MedTRiM) programme across Wales.

Adapted from the trauma risk management (TRiM) course currently used by the military, Andy and Mark have revised the training for use with medical staff. Primarily aimed at Clinical Leaders, MedTRiM is a pro-active, peer delivered cognitive based resource for supporting those exposed to trauma.

It is clear medics work in highly stressed environments and with numbers of staff affected by low morale, stress and its psychological impact is high on the Wales Deanery’s agenda.

It is both morally justified and legally necessary for employers to look after the wellbeing of their staff following traumatic events, yet given the nature of medicine and the environments we work in, it is easy to neglect to see the psychological impact of such incidents on those involved.

Studies have shown that people who are exposed to high levels of stress at work are less effective, more likely to be absent, and suffer from poor mental health. The impact on patient safety is obvious.  MedTRiM aims to equip clinical leaders with tools to recognise and deal with psychological trauma experienced by individuals and teams.

The MedTRiM course is based on a set of interactive sessions throughout the day. It provided delegates with a framework for spotting the early indicators of stress and the tools to implement a management strategy following an event.

Dr Mark Stacey says:

“It’s about preparing and learning the cognitive skill to cope with pressures but it takes time and effort.”


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