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The Wales Deanery recognises that our trainees are our biggest asset.  We very much value your opinions and suggestions for improving the training environment and programmes. There are several opportunities across Wales for you to get involved and make a difference for yourselves and colleagues. 

On 8th March 2018 the Wales Deanery hosted an extremely successful Trainee Engagement Event which provided an opportunity to:

  • Share information around successful trainee led projects across Wales.
  • Share information and inform trainees of developments in relation to training and education both locally and nationally.
  • Discuss recent Deanery developments with trainees and seek their feedback. 
  • Work with trainees to identify challenges and concerns they have about their training environment and experience.

During this day we also held two focus group sessions with trainees looking at what they valued about their training, what improvements could be made and what challenges they face and how these could be addressed. 

Feedback from these focus groups is currently being discussed with colleagues across the Deanery and Education Providers to develop an action plan. Further information will be posted here shortly.

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