Revalidation for specialty doctors in training in The Wales Deanery managed programmes

Revalidation was introduced in December 2012, it is the General Medical Council’s (GMC) way of regulating licensed doctors to give extra confidence to patients that their doctors are up to date and fit to practise. Licensed doctors holding full registration with the GMC including doctors in foundation year two and specialty training are subject to revalidation. A revalidation submission is usually made for all eligible doctors on a five yearly cycle. For doctors in higher specialty training programmes, additional revalidation submission may be made to coincide with the receipt of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration for Combined Programmes (CESR CP).

How will I revalidate?
If you are in a Foundation, Core or Higher Specialty training programme the Wales Deanery is your ‘Designated body’ for revalidation and Professor Peter Donnelly, Postgraduate Dean for Wales is your ‘Responsible Officer’ (RO) for revalidation.

As a doctor in foundation or specialty training, you participate in revalidation in a similar way to other licensed doctors who are not in training. When the time comes for a revalidation submission about you to be made to the GMC by your ‘Responsible Officer’, the RO will make a recommendation to the GMC that you are up to date and fit to practise with no known unresolved fitness to practise concerns.

What is a “designated body”?
A designated body is the organisation to which a licensed doctor has a prescribed connection. It manages the administration of revalidation for doctors connected to it. 

What is a “Responsible Officer” (RO)?
A Responsible Officer is a senior clinician in a designated body who ensures that the doctors with whom they have a ‘prescribed connection’ continue to practice safely and are properly supported and managed in maintaining their professional standards.

What information will I need to provide to be revalidated?
Licensed doctors will need to collect supporting information to show how they are meeting the GMC’s core guidance for doctors, Good Medical Practice in their daily practice.

As a doctor in training, you will be generating this information to meet the requirements of your curriculum and training programme. This is predominantly done by maintaining and updating your ePortfolio as a record of competence progression against the curriculum throughout the year, and the review of this progression at the annual ARCPs.

How will the recommendation be made for revalidation?
Your Responsible Officer (the Postgraduate Dean at Wales Deanery), will base his recommendation on your participation in the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process.

What should I be doing now?
The first step is to confirm your designated body by logging onto GMC Online.

Keep an eye on the GMC website and in particular the area devoted to revalidation for doctors in training for any updates and this page. In addition, your designated body may also provide you with regular updates and other information.

You may find our Frequently Asked Questions page useful.

If you have any queries not covered in our FAQs and related to revalidation for Welsh trainees, please email

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