Induction and Training Days The application form for induction and other training days is available from the TWOGS website.

If you have further queries please email.

Taking Time Out of Programme

Trainees who want to see the world, or experience working abroad may feel the only time they can do this is between Foundation and Specialty Training. This is of course an option, however the School of O&G is supportive in cases where trainees wish to take time out of the O&G training programme.

There are certain times within the training programme when it is easier to take time out. We suggest trainees plan this carefully and consider taking time out between their ST1 and 2 posts, if they have passed part 1 MRCOG, or between their ST4 and 5 posts if they have passed part 2 MRCOG. You can find information from Wales deanery on OOP on this site or visit the RCOG website for information specific to obstetrics and gynaecology.

Sub Specialty Training in O&G

We offer opportunities for sub-specialty training in the following areas:

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