E-Portfolio for Medicine

The e-portfolio is now available to all trainee physicians (and their supervisors) on Internal Medicine, Acute Care Common Stem (Medicine) and all Higher training programmes. The JRCPTB expects all IMT, ACCS (Medicine) and Higher Training trainees to use the e-portfolio to record their assessments, appraisal and progress through training.

By working in co-operation with your postgraduate medical education centres, direct workload on the central deanery function can be minimised. The JRCPTB is not providing a paper-based alternative to the e-portfolio.

An e-portfolio news and information section has been added to the JRCPTB website. The JRCPTB will add updates and documentation to this as they become available.

All trainees on Internal Medicine (IMT); Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) and Higher ST3 programmes use the JRCPTB ePortfolio.

This web-based portfolio provides a record of progress through training and the acquisition of competencies, based on the relevant curricula. The ePortfolio includes facilities for direct recording of workplace based assessments, records of appraisal, Educational Supervisor reports and ARCP outcomes.

It is primarily the trainee’s responsibility to enter information into the JRCPTB ePortfolio but supervisors also have access to shared parts of the portfolio and have a responsibility to record appraisal outcomes and sign off the record of competence.

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