Annual Reviews of Competence Progression (ARCPs)

ARCP COVID Update - September 2020 - The SEBs propose to extend the arrangements for ARCPs, use of the COVID Outcomes 10.1 and 10.2 and ARCP appeals in a similar way. These derogations will now apply to ARCPs scheduled up to and including March 2021. There will be a further review of the situation in March 2021.  Please see full statement below.

Medicine - ARCPs May 2020 - COVID webinar with Dr Shaun Smale -

For information in relation to the current COVID-19 situation, please see trainee FAQs at HEIW.COVID19 where information is updated regularly. Should you have any queries, please email

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) is the formal method by which a trainee's progression through their training programme is monitored and recorded.

In recent times, training has been more competency based, rather than purely time dependent (although minimum training times do still apply). There has been greater emphasis on assessment and demonstration of having achieved the required competencies within a doctor’s chosen specialty. These competencies are defined by the curricula drawn up by the Royal Colleges and Faculties, which will have been approved by the GMC as the regulator of training in the UK.

An ARCP is either an electronic review of your on line e-portfolio or a review of your paper folder and the evidence it contains (as laid down in the Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK ‘The Gold Guide’).

All trainees must complete a self-declaration Form R prior to every ARCP; this is a GMC requirement for trainee revalidation purposes.  Form Rs are completed 'on line' via the Intrepid system and trainees are notified 6 weeks prior to ARCP to complete this form. 

An ARCP panel must consist of at least three panel members who can include Associate Deans, Programme Directors and Educational Supervisors/Trainers. The panel will also have input from a lay representative and external advisor.

Further information in regards to specialty ARCPs can be found on the relevant specialty pages on this web site or by contacting one of the Specialty Managers, Hilary Williams or Sarah Holmes.

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