Paediatric Emergency Medicine

PEM subspecialty training began in Wales in August 2011. Currently, HSTs of ST4 and above from EM can apply locally for a subspecialty PEM post.

From August 2013 we hope to be able to extend this training to Paediatric trainees via Grid application.The curriculum and assessment requirements are set by the College of Emergency Medicine which has a PEM subspecialty section on its website.

Our subspecialty post includes 6 months in the Paediatric ED at Morriston Hospital Swansea, and 3 months in PICU and 3 months as a general Paediatric SpR at the University Hospital of Wales Cardiff. We currently offer 2 posts per year to EM trainees.

The refurbished Paediatric ED at Morriston Hospital has been open since the summer of 2012 and offers a safe and inviting environment for children and their carers separate from the main ED. The PED comprises 3 trolley spaces and two further trolley cubicles which can be used as a theatre/ sedation room, and 2 clinical assessment rooms. The liaison health visitor/ Safeguarding nurse is based within the PED. The paediatric resuscitation bay is located within the adjacent general resus room.

We have 3 ED consultants with subspecialty Paediatric EM training, and have close links with the lead Paediatrician for the PAU. The PED is staffed by CT3 doctors on rotation and a general Paediatric SpR with PEM interest alongside the general ED staff.

If you are interested in applying for Paediatric EM subspecialty training in Wales, please contact Dr Kirsty Dickson-Jardine, STC member (Paediatric EM) at Morriston Hospital.

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