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Curriculum information for General (Internal) Medicine

The Summary of Training calculator was put together to allow trainees to calculate their acute medical take and outpatient (or outpatient-equivalent) experience in a manner consistent with the 2009 GIM decision aid (revised 2012); that will be used at ARCPs and PYAs. The general internal medicine SAC recommends this to trainees and assessors as an easy means of providing information that is required to inform these assessments. The calculator, when complete, must be signed by your ES and saved under the 'Personal Library' in your E-Portfolio (please use a separate folder titled Summary of Training)

The 2009 general internal medicine (GIM) curriculum was revised with effect from August 2012 onwards. All trainees who are following the 2009 GIM curriculum will be expected to adopt the changes below on a prospective basis.

Please see JRCPTB for G(I)M queries.

GIM Training Days

Trainees must provide evidence of 100 Hours of ''External'' CPD over the three year GIM training programme. The G(I)M STC arranges a 'Teaching Day' (one day every other month) and all dual training SpR's/StR's are invited to attend. Teaching days are managed by Dr John Butler and Dr Biju Mohamed. Any enquiries should be directed to Dr Butler or Dr Mohamed.

Trainees must attend 3 of the 4 G(I)M training days annually. Each 6-hour training day counts for 6 hours of CPD (with 100 hours of CPD required over the course of the G(I)M programme.) 



Video-conferencing will be available for North Wales trainees, via Glan Clwyd Postgrad Centre.

To book your place on the above training days, please contact Lousie Jones.


Final GIM ARCP/Sing off:

Your final sign off to apply for your GIM CCT will require either the STC chair ( Dr Biju Mohamed) or the TPD(Dr John Butler) to review the targets set out at your GIM PYA. In addition we will also need to ensure your e-portfolio is up-to- date and you have met your WPBA targets for your final year.

It has come to our attention that a number of trainees are leaving it extremely late to initiate the process of the final sign off. Furthermore, we frequently find deficiencies which need to be rectified which may delay your CCT. The CCT date for GIM and your specialty would be the same and hence it requires careful planning and attention to ensure the process is completed on time for your dual CCT to be granted.

In view of the same, we would like to recommend the following for your GIM exit ARCP:

1.       Trainees should aim to make contact with  Rhian Bartle(  3 months prior to sign off, ideally having completed all their PYA recommendations with a completed e-portfolio. At that point Dr Mohamed or Dr Butler will review your e-portfolio and make recommendations/ sign off as appropriate. We will then aim to sign off the e portfolios at least 6 weeks in advance which would give plenty of time to complete the CCT process with JRCPTB

2.       Further information regarding process is available via the following link

3.       Trainees have to ensure they have a final GIM ES report clarifying how and when all PYA mandatory and recommended targets were met prior to initiating contact. Any recommended targets not met must have reasonable mitigating factors/reasons why this was the case documented in ES report.

4.       To avoid delays and to facilitate both ES GIM report and Exit ARCP, trainees are advised to have a separate folder titled ‘GIM Exit ARCP’ in their library with the targets and appropriate evidence with dates of completion.

5.       Please take note that when the external assessor recommends a GIM QIP or audit, we will enforce the same accordingly. You CANNOT do an audit or QIP in your own subspecialty with a GIM slant.

6.       Finally, please ensure your GIM e-portfolio has been self-certified and your ES has signed you off to CCT level in all competencies. We will expect some evidence- WPBA/Reflection/courses against each competency.

7.       We can usually do the sign off on the e-portfolio remotely, but if the required information is difficult to extract from the portfolio, then a meeting between trainee and Chair/TPD will need to be arranged, and that this is likely to delay the process


Please contact Rhian Bartle in the HEIW office or either of us if you require any further advice or clarification.

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