Cardiothoracic surgery

Key Features

  • No regular out-of-hours working commitment in Wales
  • Unique ST3 year with modular education in surgery and associated specialities
  • Attendance at Royal College of Surgeons’ Cardiothoracic Training Courses incorporated into educational agreements and resourced through study leave budget
  • Time-tabled formal educational programme based upon ISCP curriculum including RCS wet lab training programme
  • Attendance at Royal Society of Medicine Cardiothoracic Section meetings incorporated into time-tabled training programme

In the six year higher surgical training programme the first three years will be spent in Wales rotating between the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, and Morriston Hospital, Swansea. The fourth year (ST6) will be in the West Midlands, as a planned Out Of Programme Experience (OOPE), spending 6 months in paediatric / congenital heart surgery at Birmingham Childrens Hospital, and 6 months at Queen Elizabeth Hospital for exposure to transplantation.

The final two years will be composed in a bespoke fashion in order to suit the career aspirations of the successful appointee. It is envisaged that one of the final two years will be spent out of Wales, although the exact make-up of the years will be determined by discussion between the Specialist Registrar and Programme Director.

The Dean has supported the determinations of the training programme & Associate Dean / head of School of Surgery in determining that, whilst in Wales, the successful appointee will NOT be part of an out-of-hours rota. The absence of a commitment to regular out-of-hours commitment means that the trainee will be closely associated with their consultant trainers throughout their training experience, maximising the capacity for the delivery of high-quality surgical training and education. The trainee will be expected to take opportunities to expose themselves to emergencies and complications which happen outside of the normal working week, such exposure will be compensated for by compensatory rest from activities in the core week, very much in the same way that a consultant currently functions.

Dr Dheeraj Mehta - Programme Director and STC Chair, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Mrs Elenor Williams - Specialty Training Manager 01443 824229

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