Broad Based Training


Welcome to Broad Based Training

Broad Based Training (BBT) is an innovative two-year structured core training programme which gives trainees the opportunity to gain a broad experience of the complementary specialities of General Practice, Psychiatry, Paediatrics and General Medicine.  

Subject to satisfactory progression and completion of the programme, BBT trainees will then be given direct access to CT/ST2 level training in one of the four specialities involved in BBT.

Why opt for a broad based training programme?

Healthcare in the UK is changing its focus from acute single episode care, delivered in acute hospitals, to the management of long term conditions delivered within community settings. This programme is designed to equip trainees to be broad based practitioners with the skills to be able to work beyond traditional boundaries of specialty to provide excellent, patient focused long term healthcare for patients with complex, multifactorial healthcare needs. BBT also gives trainees who are not certain about the specialty route they wish to take time to experience a range of different specialties before making that important decision.

Why Wales?

Wales is a fantastic place to live and work and is at the cutting edge of innovative healthcare.

Broad Based Training Curriculum and Assessment Grid 2012

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