The Leadership and Improvement Network for Wales (LINCymru) is an online network to promote quality improvement (QI) and leadership opportunitiesfor healthcare professionals across the Wales.

The purpose of LINCymru is to create a community of shared learning and best practice amongst healthcare professionals in Wales. To enable this, the secure area of the website has been made accessible to anyone with an NHS Wales, Welsh Government or Welsh academic institution email address.

Structure and aims:

Project ideas:

  • Highlights key areas for improvement such as 1000 Lives programmes to prompt people to think of projects which could contribute to longer-term strategies and will mean change is more likely to be sustained.

Project proposals:

  • An area for permanent staff such as consultants and to identity local improvement projects which would be suitable for trainees to lead
  • This provides trainees with some degree of support from substantive staff which increases the likelihood sustainability of any improvement as a result of the project
  • Once activated the project automatically moves into “projects in progress”

Projects in progress:

  • A database of ongoing QI projects
  • The system is programmed to email project leads with monthly resources to provide virtual support to help them complete their project

Completed projects:

  • A database of project summaries in the form of brief abstracts
  • Promotes shared learning and best practice of QI project implementation
  • Facilitate spread of successful projects to other sites and departments

Presentations, publications and prizes:

  • An area to celebrate the success of award winning projects and publications
  • Currently HEIW is funding a limited number of publications in BMJ Open Quality and BDJ Open for QI projects led by trainees


Go to the LINCymru webpage to sign up for a free, secure account!






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