FAQs for Trainers

What is happening?

On 1st October 2018, the Welsh Government is establishing Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW), a special health authority that will sit alongside Health Boards and Trusts as part of NHS Wales.

HEIW will combine and further develop existing expertise in training, planning, shaping and supporting the health workforce in Wales. It will bring together three key organisations - the Wales Deanery, NHS Wales’s Workforce Education and Development Services (WEDS), and the Wales Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education (WCPPE). 

HEIW’s key functions will include: strategic workforce planning, workforce intelligence, education and training, workforce development and modernisation, leadership development, careers and widening access.

Why is this happening?

In 2014, the Welsh Government commissioned a review of investment in health professional education and workforce development.

The review, led by Mel Evans, resulted in a report issued in 2015 which made a number of recommendations – one of which was to establish a single body for the commissioning, planning, and development of education and training for the NHS workforce in Wales.

Further work was then undertaken by Professor Robin Williams to scope out detailed proposals for the new single body. Following the publication of Professor Williams’s report, the Welsh Government confirmed the new organisation would come into being in October 2018.

A detailed written statement was published by Vaughan Gething, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport in July 2017, outlining the status, functions and name of the new body: Health Education and Improvement Wales.

How is the transition and merger being managed?

In spring 2017, a programme team was formed by the Welsh Government to oversee the merger of the existing organisations and formation of HEIW.

Directed by David Pritchard, the team works closely with representatives from the Wales Deanery, WCPPE, WEDS, and other public sector organisations to ensure business continuity as the new organisation is established and becomes operational.

The programme team reports to the Programme Board which is chaired by the Senior Responsible Owner: Andrew Goodall, Chief Executive of NHS Wales.

Ensuring the transition goes smoothly with as little disruption to services and systems as possible is a top priority for the Programme Board and team.

As the Wales Deanery is currently part of Cardiff University, trainers currently have access to some Cardiff University services. When the Deanery moves over to HEIW and NHS Wales there will be some changes to this access.

The Programme Board, Welsh Government and HEIW are committed to ensuring trainers continue to have access to the systems they need to fulfil their roles.

The involvement of colleagues from the Wales Deanery in the transition process has meant the programme team has a comprehensive list of student, trainee, and trainer requirements.

Will the Wales Deanery services stop?

The support from, and links to, the Wales Deanery will remain as they are currently; the Wales Deanery will continue to do the same work after 1st October as it does today.

The only change is the effect on access to wider Cardiff University services. Please see below for further information on these changes.

Will I lose access to online journals and research?

You will still have access to online journals and research via the NHS Wales e-Library for Health, which currently provides access to e-resources including e-journals, databases and clinical guideline tools.

We are also in the process of adding to this library a range of new e-journals, point-of-care tools, and e-learning, which will be available from 1st October 2018.

You will have full access to all these resources, plus support from your local health board or trust library service for help with literature searching, inter-library loan requests, borrowing books, and more.

How do I access the NHS Wales e-Library for Health?

From within the NHS Wales network, you have instant access to the e-Library for Health via the NHS Wales e-Library intranet site: http://howis.wales.nhs.uk/elibrary

From home or when using public Wi-Fi, you can access it via the e-Library internet site (http://www.wales.nhs.uk/elibrary) using your NHS Wales OpenAthens login credentials.

For advice and training in using the NHS Wales e-Library for Health e-resources please contact your local NHS Wales Librarian: https://libraries.walesdeanery.org/view-all-libraries.

For any further information about the e-Library, please contact elibrary@wales.nhs.uk

How will access change on 1st October?

Within the NHS Wales network, you will be able to access all of the e-resources using NHS Wales Library Search and there will be no need to log in.

For access from home or public Wi-Fi – on 1st October you will be issued with an NHS Wales LibrarySearch account; a confirmation email will be sent with your login details.

You will need to use your NHS Wales LibrarySearch login and OpenAthens login to access the e-resources.

Register now – you can self-register for an NHS Wales OpenAthens account now: https://register.openathens.net/wales.nhs.uk/register   

Work is also underway to add the e-resources to NHS Wales LibrarySearch  (https://nhswaleslibrarysearch.cardiff.ac.uk), and to put an NHS Wales LibrarySearch bar on both e-Library website home pages.

Will I still be able to access Cardiff University library services?

All staff in Cardiff and Vale UHB and Velindre NHS Trust (including trainers and trainees) are entitled to full membership of the university library service, but this doesn’t include a Cardiff University computing account, or online access to the library e-resources.

However, there is a walk-in access service for a selection of library e-resources.  For further details visit: https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/libraries/visiting-and-membership/nhs-staff/staff-at-cardiff-and-vale-uhb-and-velindre-nhs-trust

All other NHS Wales staff are entitled to a community membership, which enables you to borrow books from any of the university’s libraries. For further details, visit: https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/libraries/visiting-and-membership/nhs-staff/other-nhs-wales-staff

What will happen to my Cardiff University email?

Although you will no longer be able to use your university mailbox, you will be able to export the content of your mailbox and also arrange a redirect to an alternative email address.

Information on how to export your emails to another Microsoft Outlook account can be found here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/export-or-backup-email-contacts-and-calendar-to-an-outlook-pst-file-14252b52-3075-4e9b-be4e-ff9ef1068f91

If you need to export your email to another email provider, please contact the Cardiff University IT-ServiceDesk@cardiff.ac.uk

However, you may prefer to forward existing important emails from your Cardiff University account to an alternative email account. This would ensure only the emails you need are sent to your email inbox.

Information on how to automatically redirect your Cardiff University email to another email address can be found here:


You will need to apply this redirection to your account before 1 Oct 2018 and be aware that this redirection will cease after 12 months.

NB – If you have another role within the University, you will still retain access to your email account.   If you receive a cessation of account email but have a Cardiff University honorary title or are currently undertaking a Cardiff University course, please contact IT-ServiceDesk@cardiff.ac.uk as soon as possible to ensure your access is maintained.

Information security and data: If you have any personal data about yourself or others in emails you should first consider whether you still need it, and if not, you should take the opportunity to delete it.

If you do need to export, you are responsible for ensuring that appropriate security is in place to protect that information. This would include making sure you have strong passwords on your accounts and being vigilant to phishing emails.

Further information about how you can protect your information online can be found at https://www.getsafeonline.org

Will I have access to Eduroam?

We appreciate how important it is for everyone to have fast, reliable access to systems and information.

Having looked closely at all options, it will not be feasible to develop an Eduroam solution for HEIW, given the strategic investment being made in the public sector-wide Govroam solution, which will be adopted by HEIW as part of the NHS.

We recognise that for trainees and trainers this will mean some inconvenience while the Govroam solution is being rolled out, as they will have to log on to their local Wi-Fi solutions or to public Wi-Fi.

However, all trainees and trainers will have access to locally provided solutions in the same way as all other NHS staff.

Can I still use Cardiff University rooms?

All NHS staff can book Cardiff University rooms in the main building at UHW on the Heath Park campus via: https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/business/facilities/meeting-facilities/find-a-meeting-room/trust-meeting-room-requests.

You should use your @Wales.nhs.uk email address for this booking.

For other university rooms on the UHW site, you must have other Cardiff University staff or students present.

Group study/seminar rooms within the Health Library on the UHW site continue to be available to Cardiff and Vale UHB trainers only, via a different system to the above. 

Up until 30th September 2018, bookings for these rooms is online using your Cardiff University login credentials.

From 1st October 2018, library staff in the Health Library, UHW, will be able to add the booking for Cardiff and Vale UHB trainers.

What will happen to my documents and files that I have saved on Cardiff University servers?

For those trainers who have University file storage, we’re unable to migrate documents and files from the Cardiff University system to the NHS Wales system.

Please save all your files and documents from the Home (H:) directory on the Cardiff University network to your personal cloud storage.

N.B. due to the heightened security on NHS IT systems, many of them will not allow the use of a USB stick or other similar devices.

Information security and data: If you have any personal data about yourself or others on the (H:) drive, you should first consider whether you still need it, and if not, you should take the opportunity to delete it.

If you do need to transfer it, you are responsible for ensuring that appropriate security is in place to protect that information. This would include making sure you have strong passwords on your accounts, and being vigilant to phishing emails.

Further information about how you can protect your information online can be found at: www.getsafeonline.org.

Will there be access to UpToDate (point-of-care tool)?

We understand how important it is to have access to point-of-care tools, and you will have access to them.

The NHS e-library is currently going through the procurement process to acquire point-of-care tools that best meet the needs of trainers and trainees.

They have been running usability tests and the results will assist with the evaluation process.

What if I have another role with the University?

If you have another role with the University, you may be entitled to continue to use some University services.

Where your dual role has been identified, your entitlements will be automatically updated prior to 1st October.

You will receive an automated email from the University IT Service when your account is updated, indicating that your account has been moved to another department.

If your account has not been moved by this time, please contact the IT Service Desk (IT-Servicedesk@cardiff.ac.uk), stating your Cardiff University username and the details of your alternative role. 

NB - your alternative role may have different entitlements to services than you currently have, and confirmation of the role will be sought via University HR, the NHS Liaison Unit, or other sources.

Questions, concerns, ideas and suggestions:

David Pritchard and the programme team have a joint email account: heiw@gov.wales.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions, you can contact them directly using this email address.


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