Important information for Trainees on Reflection

Dear Trainees

Following on from concerns raised regarding the legal case of Dr Bawa Garba and the use of reflection, the Postgraduate Deans across the UK (COPMED) and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges have worked together to develop information for doctors in training, see below. These set out 10 key principles in relation to reflection whilst detailed guidance is revised. As soon as this detailed guidance is available we will ensure it is distributed to you.

Just to clarify in direct relation to the Dr Bawa Garba case, the MPS who represented Dr Bawa Garba confirmed that the e-portfolio did not form part of the evidence before the court and jury. The court was clear that reflections were irrelevant to the facts of the case and that no weight should be given to remarks documented after the event. Further information regarding that statement is available on the MPS website

In the meantime, please read the documents below and consider this in relation to your reflective practice. If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to discuss them with your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director.


Professor Peter Donnelly
Interim Postgraduate Dean
Wales Deanery

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