MedTRiM & Resilience

In collaboration with DNA Definitive, the New Initiatives unit have adapted the trauma risk management (TRiM) course currently used by the military, for use with medical staff.

This 1 day Medical Trauma & Resilience Training (MedTRiM) course is a pro-active, peer delivered resource for supporting those exposed to trauma in the workplace.

Quite simply the best CPD meeting I have been to...ever!

Dr Mark Stacey, Associate Dean for New Initiatives, explains:

“A recent report from the King's Fund (Nov 2014) drew attention to concerns about motivation for those of us who work in the NHS. There is no doubt that there are many causes for this lack of motivation; including increased intensity of work, the lack of a pay rise for over five years and continued pressure to do more with less. This could potentially make us unhappy and resentful. There is an alternative, and potentially more useful, approach to improving the way that we perform, and this is by viewing such issues, not so much as a threat, but preferably as a challenge.

If one views such pressures as a challenge that means that there are potential skills that one can learn that will improve one's resilience and enable one to deal with such pressures that occur in a more positive fashion."

Gave me a better understanding of how people react, both in body and mind, to stressful situations

The MedTRiM course is a set of interactive sessions that provide delegates with a framework for spotting the early indicators of stress and the tools to implement a management strategy following an event.

MedTRiM has been approved by the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom for 6 category 1 (external) CPD credits.

Further Information:

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