How do I apply for LTFT training?

The LTFT training process summarises the application and approval process for LTFT Training in Wales.

Comprehensive information regarding the LTFT Training scheme can be found in the Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training Policy All trainees are eligible to apply for LTFT training.

Before applying trainees are advised to discuss their plans with the relevant LTFT Specialty Advisor/Training Programme Director (TPD) to ascertain the impact this will have upon their future training. The trainee will need to download, complete and submit a LTFT Training Application Form in order to have their eligibility assessed against the criteria. This form should then be returned to

Trainees should aim to submit completed applications at least 4 months prior to the preferred start date to ensure that the process is completed and trainees and employing/host organisations provided with a suitable notice period of the planned change. It is possible that the proposed start date will be delayed if the form is submitted later than one month before the proposed start date.

Once eligibility is confirmed the trainee is required to meet with the relevant LTFT Specialty Advisor/TPD to develop their LTFT Training Plan for consideration and approval by employing/host organisation and HEIW. Trainees will only be notified of their LTFT training start date once their training plan has been approved by HEIW. For further details please see the LTFT Training Policy

LTFT Training Contact:
Tracy Shellard
Executive Officer – LTFT Training
Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW)
Ty Dysgu
Cefn Coed
CF15 7QQ

(029) 1443 846345 (direct)


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