Welsh Clinical Leadership Training Fellows

Welsh Clinical Leadership Training Fellows

Health Education and Improvement Wales is committed to developing high quality clinical managers for the future NHS through Quality Improvement Skills Training (QIST). Graduates from the Welsh Clinical Leadership Training Fellowship (WCLTF) programme will be ideally placed to build and lead developments and improvements in the delivery of healthcare.

The Welsh Clinical Leadership Training Fellowship (WCLTF) programme is a one year out of training programme for doctors, dentists, pharmacists and new for 2020, optometrists. The WCLTF programme provides training and hands-on experience in clinical leadership and management.  The aim of the scheme is to recruit and develop the most aspiring clinical leaders of the future.

WCLTF undertake a leadership and management project from proposals submitted by healthcare organisations in Wales. Leadership Fellows work closely with senior medical/dental/pharmacy/optometry colleagues and are supported in their host organisations by project supervisors.

The programme equips the Leadership Fellows with a range of knowledge, skills and experience required to be credible an influential clinical leaders in a future modern NHS. The LINCymru website explains the role of leadership in promoting excellence in medical training and enhanced patient care.

Project Prospectus 2020/21

Recruitment 2020

Meet the Leadership Fellows

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