All Wales Regional Quality Assurance events 2017

During autumn 2017 The RSU (Revalidation Support Unit) hosted 3 Regional Quality Assurance Events across Wales.  The aim was to review the outputs of appraisal by reviewing appraisal summaries against agreed quality criteria. This ensures a continual quality improvement environment and development opportunities are taken forward in an aim to raise standards in both Primary and Secondary Care appraisal outputs. This ensures quality assurance regarding Appraisers performances, ongoing training and to ensure appropriate decision making for revalidation requirements.

The number of summaries reviewed totalled 4% of both primary and secondary care appraisals from the 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2017.  In total 246 (4.3%) summaries of both primary and secondary care summaries have been scored for analysis. It was also agreed in 2017, secondary care appraisals would be doubled marked to specifically look at the consistency of marking.  Across the Health Boards 147 (2.5%) secondary care summaries were double marked.

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