What does the LTFT training policy cover?

The Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Policy covers all aspects of LTFT training including:

• Scope & Definition

 • Eligibility

 • Placements

 • Application Process

 • Development of the LTFT Training Plan

 • Appeals

 • Renewal Procedure

 • Study Leave

 • Annual Leave

 • Period of Grace

 • LTFT Training for LATs

 • Changes in Circumstances

 • Moving from LTFT to Full Time Training

 • Additional Employment

 • Tier 2 Trainees

 • Responsibilities of the Trainee

 • Responsibilities of HEIW

 • Responsibilities of the Host/Employing Organisations

 What is the maximum age my children can be to meet the eligibility criteria?

 Up to and including the age of 16 or 18 for a disabled child who is receiving disability living allowance.

 I am in an academic training programme. Can I work LTFT?

Academic training programmes may be appropriate for LTFT trainees but these should be discussed on an individual basis with the Director of Secondary Care at HEIW.

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