Wales Deanery Education Contract

The Wales Deanery implemented 38 new Education Contracts in August 2017 to sit alongside the 9 contracts already in existence. As a result, 47 Education Contracts are now in place across Wales, enabling junior doctors in Wales to be the first in the UK to receive ring-fenced time for learning written into their working week.

The Education Contract forms an agreement between the Trainee, the Local Education Provider (Health Board or Trust) and the Wales Deanery. The criteria and metrics for the Education Contract have been mapped against GMC approved specialty curricula and standards for medical education and training.  The Education Contract details a commitment from the Local Education Provider to ensure trainees have time within their working week to access the required number of outpatient clinics, theatre sessions, teaching sessions, ward rounds and other educational opportunities needed to meet their training needs. 

In order to monitor whether these training opportunities are being provided to trainees the Wales Deanery has developed ECAS (Education Contract Attendance System), a bespoke system designed to provide real time monitoring data to the Deanery.  This real time data will enable us to liaise with the Health Boards to address and resolve any issues trainees might be experiencing in obtaining the required experience before the end of the training placement.

The ECAS system hosts the Education Contracts, so for trainees to sign them they will need to log in to the system, where they will be prompted to tick a box confirming that they have read the Contract and agree to it. Trainees have been sent their registration details for the system by email.

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If you have any queries regarding the Education Contract please email 



Click on the ECAS logo to visit the site. A user guide for the ECAS system can also be found here.

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