Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In May 2015 an external review of CPD, delivered by a number of sections (General Practice, Dental, Professional Support Unit and Careers), was instigated. The external reviewers were Dr Mike Gilbert, Director of Quality Graduate Entry Programme, Swansea University and Mr Stewart Humphreys, a management consultant from Acep Consulting Limited. 

The review began in June 2015 and the final report was released in January 2016. The Executive Summary was circulated to staff in early February 2016 and contained 19 recommendations which were categorised under critical, medium priority and aspirational.

In order to consider and act on these recommendations, Professor Gallen formed the CPD Steering Group made up of senior members of Wales Deanery staff with externality coming from Clare Sinclair, Head of Cardiff University CPD Unit and chaired by the Deputy Dean, Professor Peter Donnelly.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide excellence in learning and development opportunities for the medical and dental workforce mapped to the NHS clinical and educator roles, to produce and maintain highly skilled and competent professionals able to support the delivery of patient centred healthcare.

Our mission is to either directly commission or manage the delivery of high quality cost effective learning and development opportunities. These opportunities will demonstrate identifiable and measurable learning outcomes which are appropriate to the needs of the workforce and satisfy professional bodies, UK regulators and Welsh Government requirements.

They also proposed and agreed definition of CPD is ‘a continuing learning process, outside HEI accredited undergraduate and postgraduate training, which enables medical and dental professionals to maintain and improve their performance across relevant areas of their medical/dental practice through the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours. It covers verifiable* learning activities i.e. lectures, seminars, courses and conferences both formal and informal, by which medical and dental professionals keep up to date. The purpose of this CPD is to help improve the safety and quality of care provided for patients and the public (in this context verifiable CPD is that which is delivered in a structured manner with defined learning outcomes and has gone through a quality assurance process. It is not personal study e.g. reading an article in the BMJ/BDJ)’.


Five key objectives for the project are:

  1. to develop a clear set of uniform principles that can be applied across all sections and units within the Wales Deanery;

  2. to undertake a learning needs analysis of the medical and dental workforce and develop a collaborative approach to addressing these needs;

  3. to develop a standard Wales Deanery wide approach to the quality assurance of commissioned and delivered CPD including the setting of learning outcomes and the standardisation of evaluation and feedback processes;

  4. to develop a standard process for the collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting of CPD data;

  5. to work towards and agree a costing model that makes CPD cost effective across all disciplines and cost transparent whilst and aiming for a breakeven position for all CPD courses.

Project phases

Given the size and scope of the project the project there are four Project Phases with initial timescales for each phase.

PHASE 1 – Scoping – to be completed by 31 December 2016

PHASE 2 - Collation of information – to be completed by 28 February 2017

PHASE 3 - Development of Principles – to be completed by 31 May 2017 and submitted for consultation such that final principles and policy are complete by September 2017

PHASE 4 - Implementation of CPD Strategy – to commence from September 2017

Phase 1 of the project has been divided into seven work packages, led by seven different individuals with specific designated administrative support. In order to maintain effective channels of communication and to minimise duplication, the CPD Implementation group made up of of the leads and their designated support was established.


The key outcomes from the CPD Project are:

  • A united, consistent, streamlined approach to CPD across the Wales Deanery
  • Cost Effective CPD
  • The use of generic business systems
  • The delivery of high quality CPD

For further information on this project please contact Dr Jan Davidge, CPD Project Manager on (029 20) 687579 or email

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