About the Wales Deanery

Our Vision

Our Vision is to ensure excellence in standards of postgraduate education and training for the medical and dental workforce in Wales. In doing so, we aim to support improvements in the delivery and safety of patient-centred healthcare in Wales.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support, commission and quality manage and assure education and training of trainees, dentists and dental care professionals (DCPs), and contribute to continuing professional development (CPD) for secondary care doctors and general practitioners (GPs) in Wales. This includes the development of innovative models of education and training delivery, building training capacity, facilitating the delivery of a GP and hospital appraisal system, and leading on postgraduate medical and dental education and research.

We will:

  • produce medical and dental professionals able to deliver high quality patient-centred care

  • meet the national standards of the General Medical Council (GMC) and the General Dental Council (GDC), and the healthcare initiatives of Welsh Government

  • support qualified GPs to achieve their full potential and revalidation through CPD opportunities and delivery of annual appraisal

  • support all medical appraisal for revalidation through MARS, and the Wales Revalidation Board and Implementation Group

  • support qualified dentists and their teams to achieve their full potential through CPD opportunities

  • promote the concept of evidence-based multi-professional team working by healthcare professionals across the primary and secondary care sectors

  • ensure that Wales has a well-trained team of medical and dental professional educators who are equipped with the highest standard of skills, equipment and facilities

Deanery Values

We operate according to a clear set of values:

  1. Excellence: Committed to a professional, engaging and encompassing approach, underpinned by trust and respect

  2. Quality: Focusing on the highest standards of education and training, which underpins patient-centred care and safety

  3. Innovation: Encouraging innovation in all our activities, through shared stakeholder ownership

  4. Leadership: Delivering strategic, fair, responsive and practical leadership in the provision of professional postgraduate medical and dental education and training


"Excellent patient-centred education and training for medical and dental professionals".

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