2016 GMC National Training Surveys: The Results & Key Themes

The GMC National Training Surveys for 2016 ran from 22/03 – 11/05. The annual surveys provide an opportunity for trainees & trainers to provide feedback on the training environment in which they work and the results provide vital monitoring tools to support high quality training & patient care. The response rate for the National Trainee Survey was 99%, this high response rate ensures that the results provide representative feedback from trainee doctors across Wales.

This year, alongside the Trainee Survey, the GMC rolled out the new Trainer Survey across the UK following a pilot in 2014 in which the Wales Deanery Quality Unit played a lead role. The Wales Deanery achieved a response rate of 67%, the highest response rate for all regional UK Deaneries/LETBs. The Wales Deanery Quality Unit have spent a considerable amount of time analyzing the data that came out of the results in these surveys, and have identified the following key messages:

  • Overall satisfaction (which is often considered to be the acid test of trainee satisfactions) in Wales is the highest of all the 4 home nations in 2016. This score reflects an ongoing trend in the level of trainee satisfaction with the score increasing for the fifth consecutive year.
  • The Wales Deanery is the only postgraduate medical education organisation which does not have any overall ‘red flags’ for major training concerns, when the combined results of our core and specialty training programmes are bench marked against the other 15 UK regional organisations. In addition, the feedback for local teaching, regional teaching and access to education resources has improved this year with all three indicators being reported in the top quartile.
  • Despite recruitment and service challenges associated with Emergency Medicine and Core Medical Training, the results demonstrate a marked improvement in training satisfaction in many parts of Wales.
  • Many specialty programmes demonstrated excellence across a wide range of the GMC’s training quality indicators, including clinical genetics and neonatal medicine.
  • The Wales Deanery Quality Unit has been working with the Health Boards and Trusts to address challenges that were reported in specific areas last year and is pleased to note that this year’s trainee feedback reflects significant improvement in most of these areas. The Quality Unit are currently triangulating the issues arising from this year’s results and will again work with Health Boards and Trusts to address remaining concerns.
  • 2016 saw the first release of the revised GMC UK Trainer Survey. The response rate for Wales was 67%, our best ever and the highest for the UK. The Quality Unit are grateful to those who participated in the survey and have noted areas of correlation with trainee feedback. The Wales Deanery are committed to utilising this information within its quality management systems in order to drive up training standards and enhance the level of support for trainers.

The Wales Deanery Quality Unit is grateful for the tremendous support they received from a wide range of stakeholders to achieve these excellent response rates and, in particular, the tireless efforts of postgraduate centre staff across Wales. The full results are available on the GMC’s online reporting tool which can be accessed at https://webcache.gmc-uk.org/analyticsrep/saw.dll?Dashboard

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